Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dear Parents,

The PTSA is pleased to host the annual 8th grade cookout and field games.

The 8th grade cook out for students and teachers will start immediately after the ceremony at the soccer fields at the high school. Students are to wear casual clothes but still in dress code (shirts and shorts).

The PTSA provides hamburger, hot dogs and a veggie burgers hot off the grill. Along with your hamburger each student gets condiments, chips, soda, and a cookie. There is no charge for the food or the games.

After their meal, the 8th grade students will participate in field games. This year we have adopted a "Surviror Game" theme. They will work in teams and compete against other teams. The team with the highest score wins the prize.

We are looking to borrow four or five grills. They can be dropped off that morning and picked up (cleaned) at the end of the day. Please contact Betsy Lowe if you have a grill we can borrow.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the cook out or for the games ... please contact Betsy Lowe regarding the cook out - 749-4339 or contact Pauline Wasser regarding the games.

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